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We are embarking on a new public information project, video qualifications, to attract new members and to freely distribute the message of hope that recovery offers in Overeaters Anonymous. These short informational videos will be added to our website and to YouTube for public viewing.

Wait!  Before you begin shouting about the Traditions…. yes, we ask that you identify yourself as an active member of Overeaters Anonymous and yes, we require that you only identify yourself by your first name (or false first name) and obscure your face in your video. This satisfies the “personal anonymity” issue in Tradition 12.

As for Tradition 11, these videos will only be available to those people who are seeking information about eating disorders. In other words, they have sought out our website or are doing searches on for keywords like “eating problems, eating disorders, compulsive eating, etc. These videos will never be “promoted” by using paid advertising methods.

I have included the description of the Tool of Anonymity below as well as Traditions 11 & 12.

This project is intended to cover a variety of subjects in OA recovery but for the initial launch we are seeking volunteers to submit a general 5 minute qualification regarding your experience, strength and hope – in other words, what it was like, what happened and what it is like now.


  1. Limit video to 5 minutes
  2. Stay focused, stick strictly to eating issues and OA
  3. “What it was like”
    1. this is about your unhealthy eating history
    2. be specific; give examples
    3. outline your feelings of pain, shame and embarrassment
    4. Mentioning food items is ok and encouraged
  4. “What happened”
    1. this is about your bottom
    2. what got you to that place of “sick & tired of being sick & tired”
    3. how did you find out about OA?
    4. what was your initial OA experience like
  5. “What its like now”
    1. offer hope, describe how promises are happening in your life
    2. describe your feelings about the fellowship
    3. encourage them to seek out OA for help
    4. provide the website and our phone number

Creating your video – how do i do that? How Do I Get Started?

I imagine most of you are saying … hey, that all sounds great but how do I do that? It’s easier than it may seem.

Contact us by email at: and we will make arrangements to meet you before or after a meeting to film your qualification.

We can obscure your face by using dramatic lighting like in the old detective movies; use a simple mask, hold a piece of paper in front of your face or simply position the camera so your face is not in view.

It is important to show your body if at all possible because the whole value of video is to create familiarity, to show the sufferer that we are regular, real people just like them with all sorts of body types. Of course, if you are uncomfortable with this, we can film a picture of you or we can just film the OA logo while you tell your story of hope.

Thank you in advance for your service and allowing us to use this new world technology to reach those sufferers that are searching for help.



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11. Our public relations policy is based on attraction rather than promotion; we need always maintain personal anonymity at the level of press, radio, films, television and other public media of communication.
12. Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all these Traditions, ever reminding us to place principles before personalities.

The tool of Anonymity, referred to in Traditions Eleven and Twelve, is a tool that guarantees that we will place principles before personalities. The protection anonymity provides offers each of us freedom of expression and safeguards us from gossip. Anonymity assures us that only we, as individual OA members, have the right to make our membership known within our community. Anonymity at the level of press, radio, films and television means that we never allow our faces or last names to be used once we identify ourselves as OA members. This protects both the individual and the Fellowship.

Within the Fellowship, anonymity means that whatever we share with another OA member will be held in respect and confidence. What we hear at meetings should remain there. However, anonymity must not be used to limit our effectiveness within the Fellowship. It is not a break of anonymity to use our full names within our group or OA service bodies. Also, it is not a break of anonymity to enlist Twelfth-Step help for group members in trouble, provided we refrain from discussing specific personal information.

Another aspect of anonymity is that we are all equal in the Fellowship, whether we are newcomers or seasoned long-timers. And our outside status makes no difference in OA; we have no stars or VIPs. We come together simply as compulsive overeaters.