New: Spanish Meeting Thurs 6-7pm New Rochelle

Get the word out. Announce the new meeting at the meetings you attend.

Meeting held at:  AA Meeting Room 217 Union Ave  New Rochelle, New York

Day and Time:     Thursday nights  6-7pm  Type of meeting:  Beginner/Qualifier

First meeting:       February 7, 2013


To my fellow OA’s.

Recently, it has come to my attention that there are no Spanish-speaking OA meetings currently offered in our area. In fact the closest face-to-face meeting is in California. To me, this was an astonishing statistic. Within the next 10 years, Spanish will surpass English as the number one spoken language in the tri-state area. A considerable portion of our population speaks only Spanish. Since our disease is such a devastating one, and our fellowship such an effective solution, I think there is a great need to provide a meeting for our Spanish speaking brothers and sisters. Otherwise, there might be a great amount of potential recovery unable to be realized .

A team of concerned, fellow OA members has been formed, and I am happy to report that we will be starting a new Spanish group in February. Since this is a new meeting, and in Spanish, we need much support to get it going and keep it going. There is still work to be done and this is what you can do to help support the cause:

Invite any bilingual OA members you may know to attend. We will need meeting leaders, qualifiers, and sponsors to get the new meeting started, and to keep it going.

And of course, we will need new members. We will distribute flyers announcing the meeting to all of our established meetings. Please take them, hand them out, or post them.

If you would like to volunteer to help, or have any questions, please call me, anytime.

This is a worthwhile endeavor, and with every one’s support I believe it can be successful. Thank you for your service.

Mike C.
914 760-3442


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