Service Oppty: New OA Booklet


Share How OA Changed Your Life

Westchester United Intergroup is calling for contributions to an inspiring collection of essays titled: How OA Changed My Life. Step 12 tells us we must give it away in order to keep it, so if you’ve been blessed with the gift of abstinence and a new outlook on life we encourage you to share your experience, strength and hope with the rest of us.

The stories will be published in a booklet available to local members free of charge. It will look like this:

oa pamphletWriter Qualifications:

Writer needs to have sustained abstinence – not less than 90 days – but preferably a year or more.

General Guidelines:

Send us your story of How OA Changed My Life in no more than 500 words. Email it to or by May 1, 2014. Include your phone number in case we have questions. Call Lisa @ 917-716-2488 or Megan @ 914-672-6679 for an address if you don’t have email.





The signature on the story is your choice: you may use your first name and last initial, initials only, or remain anonymous.


We reserve the right to do minor editing if needed and to ensure adherence to OA’s 12 Traditions. This booklet could be a tremendous source of inspiration for the newcomer, those determined to retain the gift of abstinence and those struggling with relapse. Together we can do what we could never do alone, so please help by sharing your story.

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