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WUIG announcements:


Intergroup would like to suggest that meetings add the following statement or some version of it to their format at the point in the meeting after you identify sponsors.

“Westchester Intergroup has a sponsor bank that may be able to help you find a sponsor or temporary sponsor.  See the meeting list for the number to call (Jeanette F. 914-428-3662.)  Also, there is a sponsor training workshop every second Monday in Mt. Kisco from 6:30-7:15 before the regular meeting.  Any sponsor is welcome, especially new sponsors or members ready to become a new sponsor.”


The October 27 workshop has been cancelled.

III Sponsorship training in Mt. Kisco

The Mt. Kisco meeting is having regular sponsorship training sessions.  For more information, contact that meeting.  Lack of sponsors has been cited as a major factor in lack of growth for OA.



Region 6

Our region maintains a calendar of events in our region.    http://oaregion6.org/en/r6-calendar/

Region 7

There is no region 6 convention this fall, so people are encouraged to consider the Region 7 convention, Ocean City, MD the first weekend of November.  More information at   http://oaregion7.org/events/convention-registration/?ee=5   or e-mail convention@oaregion7.org

Various events from the New Jersey Intergroup http://www.northjerseyioa.com/events

I got copies of flyers from a number of events for the Central Jersey Intergroup, which people should ask me about if they are interested.

Los Angeles Intergroup

At the World Service Convention, the Los Angeles Intergroup was soliciting OAs to visit for the OA Birthday celebration January 17-19, so if you’re looking for a warmer weather break at that time, visit


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