Key Points from May WUIG Meeting

May Key Points

  1. Please support the Region 6 Convention by purchasing a MEAL PLAN at this link. In addition to enjoying healthy, abstinent meals with your fellows, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that your meal plan purchase contributed to the cost of the meeting room rental. You can view the menu at this link.   Don’t forget to register at this link if you haven’t already.
  2. The OA Board of Trustees has just updated many formats to clean up inconsistencies and introduce a new suggested contribution of US$5 per meeting. The suggested amount had not been updated in about a decade but is necessary to keep OA self-supporting. You can view the new meeting formats at link (especially the New Reading and Writing Format).
  3. Please purchase and sell Raffle Tickets to support our Region 6 Convention.  It is the ONLY fundraiser for our Region.  6 chances to win for $5! See your Intergroup Rep.
  4. WUIG’s first on-site workshop will be “Sex & Recovery” hosted by the Pleasantville Body Image Meeting from 7-8:15 p.m. at 400 Bedford Road in Pleasantville, NY. on Tuesday, June 25th.  All are welcome!
  5. Let’s celebrate!  Tarrytown is hosting an anniversary meeting from 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. on Sunday, May 5th at the United Methodist Church of the Tarrytowns at 27 S. Washington Street.  In a special format, two speakers will share their experience, strength and hope followed by sharing!
  6. Region 6 is sponsoring 4 Region 6 Convention scholarships for $250 and WUIG is sponsoring 3 registration-only scholarships for the Region 6 Convention 2019 (October 18th-20th) based on financial need.  Please email Mary T. at to apply by July 15th.
  7. The Serenity Times is accepting article submissions, for our third quarter issue with the theme of “Working Program Through Good Times and Bad.” If you’ve been inspired by the recent retreat, have personal anecdotes, favorite Big Book or OA literature passages, poems, or thoughts to share, please contact Diane T with submissions by Wednesday, May 15th at

Click this link to view the updated WUIG meeting list.

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Clarification of location of Yonkers 5pm Saturday Meeting

This meeting is not actually in the St. Barnabas Church.  It is in the Considine Center, which is about 3 doors down on 241st street, east of the Church.  There is parking across Martha Ave from the church.  If that is full, we can still use the parking lot at St Marks School, the old meeting location, on St Marks Place, Yonkers.

Although this new location is only about two blocks from the old location, it is technically over the border into the Bronx.

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Tarrytown Anniversary 5/5/19 11:30am Tarrytown Methodist

Anniversary meeting

5/5/19 11:30 a.m. 27 S. Washington Street, Tarrytown NY — Studio B in back.  Entrance is not through the sanctuary, but rather the Arts Center.  The door is north of the sanctuary, through the side lot.  There is a wheelchair ramp and a wheelchair accessible bathroom.

The municipal lot just north of the Church is free of charge on Sunday, though often full. Overflow parking is in the school lot at the south end of Washington Street.


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WUIG Key Points April 2019

April Key Points

  1. Would you like to be a keynote speaker at the 2019 Convention? Keynote speakers will receive free hotel accommodations during the convention! Click this OA Convention 2019 Keynote flyer (3)for submission instructions.  Deadline is April 29th. Don’t forget to register at if you haven’t already.  Please support the region by purchasing a meal plan as the conference room rentals are paid for out of the meals.  Please note that the banquet will be plated, so that we won’t run out of anything.
  2. There is a new meeting in Brewster on Monday nights from 7:30 – 8:30 p.m. at 67 Main Street across from the parking lot of the Brewster Library.  Check out the updated meeting list for details at this link.
  3. Let’s celebrate!  There are THREE upcoming anniversaries in
    1. Yorktown: Thursday, April 25th at 7:30 p.m. at Yorktown United Methodist Church Route 202, Yorktown Heights NY 10598 (Across the street from the police station)
    2. Wednesday, May 1st from 1-2 pm at St Patrick’s Old Stone Church on Hanover Street & Harwood Place (Basement Entrance) Yorktown Heights
    3. Tarrytown: May 5, 11:30 am – 12:45 am, Tarrytown United Methodist Church 27 South Washington Street, Tarrytown NY (If you can’t find parking, use the lot behind the Washington Irving School at the South End of Washington Street)
  4. Please take a few minutes during your meeting to complete the workshop survey as a group if you would like to host a workshop.  Send the completed survey to Mary T. at (Feel free to scan or snap a picture!)
  5. Should our Sponsorship Day celebration be on Saturday or Sunday this year? If we are interested in returning to (or visiting for the first time!) Stepping Stones it must be on a Saturday from 12 – 3.  The house is only open to visitors on Saturdays. Please take a few minutes during your meeting to poll your group and give your response to your intergroup rep.
  6. WUIG is sponsoring 3 registration-only scholarships for the Region 6 Convention 2019 (October 18th-20th) based on financial need.  Please email Mary T. at to apply by August 1st.

Click this link to view the updated WUIG meeting list.

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WUIG Workshop series — sign up to host

Intergroup is planning to have a series of shorter workshops this year.  To save money and to strengthen our groups, we would like to have these workshops coincide with group meetings. Don’t worry.  You don’t have to organize it, you just have to provide your space for one meeting.  We’ll can organize and send leaders, or we can work with your people, if you prefer.

Here’s the signup sheet to sign up to host one of these workshops in the coming year

Westchester United Intergroup 2019 On-Site Workshop Series

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Key points from March WUIG meeting

March Key Points

  1. Would you like to be a keynote speaker at the 2019 Convention? Keynote speakers will receive free hotel accommodations during the convention! Click this OA Convention 2019 Keynote flyer for submission instructions. Deadline is April 29th.
  2. What recovery-themed items should WUIG sell at the region 6 convention as fundraisers? Let your intergroup rep know your ideas.
  3. Should our Sponsorship Day celebration be on Saturday or Sunday this year? Are you interested in returning to (or visiting for the first time!) Stepping Stones? The house is only open to visitors on Saturdays. Let your intergroup rep know.
  4. The Serenity Times is accepting article submissions for the next issue on Step 12. Article length can be from 5 to 500 words, including quotes, experiences, hopes, reflections, or articles reprinted from OA literature. Submissions are due by March 21st. We are also seeking assistance with graphics. Contact Diane T. at 914 659-0192.
  5. The Yonkers Saturday 5 p.m. Meeting has moved to St. Barnabas Church at 419 East 241st Street, Bronx, NY 10470 (side entrance, 1st Floor).
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Thu noon Bryant Ave WP restarting AABB next Thursday 3/21/19

Thursday, 12:30 pm, at the Methodist church. 250 Bryant Ave, White Plains — fellowship room in the basement — is a big book study.  They study the Big Book of AA one paragraph at a time, sharing on each paragraph.  They’ve just completed reading the appendices and are restarting next week.

Please note that there is an AA meeting at the same time, and some OAs have accidentally gone to the AA meeting instead.  When you come in from the entrance in the courtyard to the east of the building, the OA meeting is to the right and the AA meeting is to the left.

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Keynote speakers sought for R6 convention

Remember: WUIG is hosting the Region 6 Convention this fall at the Crown Plaza Hotel in White Plains.  Registration here

The convention is looking for a speaker.  Here is a link to the flyer

OA Convention 2019 Keynote flyer (3)

Please download and distribute this flyer in your groups.

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2/20/19 meeting cancellation: Katonah

Meeting cancelled today due to weather forecast

This meeting is normally 7:30 pm Wednesday, Katonah United Methodist Church, 5 Bedford Road

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Yonkers Saturday 5pm Meeting Location Change

The Yonkers, Saturday 5 pm meeting will be changing location as of 3/2/19.  The new location is


St Barnabus Church

419 East 241st St


side entrance, first floor

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