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When / Where:

Westchester United Intergroup meets on the first Thursday of each month from 7:00 – 8:30pm. There will be no meeting in July.  The next meeting will be held on Thursday, September 5, 2019. The meetings are held in the Emmanuel Lutheran Church which is located at 197 Manville Road, Pleasantville, NY. There is an interactive map at the bottom of the page for directions.


Intergroup Meeting Minutes

WUIG Minutes 8-1-19

WUIG Minutes 6-11-19

WUIG Minutes 4-4-19

WUIG Minutes 3-7-19

WUIG Minutes 2-7-19

WUIG Minutes 1-3-19

WUIG Minutes 12-6-18

WUIG Minutes 11-8-18

WUIG Minutes 10-4-18

WUIG Minutes 9-6-2018

WUIG Minutes 8-2-2018

WUIG Minutes 6-7-2018

WUIG Minutes 4-5-2018

WUIG Minutes 2-1-2018

WUIG Minutes 1-11-2018

WUIG Minutes 12-7-2017

WUIG Minutes 11-2-2017

WUIG Minutes 10-12-2017

WUIG Meeting 9-7-2017

WUIG Meeting 6-1-2017

WUIG Minutes 5-11-17

WUIG Minutes 4-6-2017

WUIG Minutes 3-2-2017

WUIG Minutes 2-2-2017

WUIG Minutes 1-5-2017





Current WUIG Intergroup By-Laws (click here): 

WUIG Bylaws (IG 9038)-Rev. DEC 2016


Current  Intergroup Board 

Chair:     Mary T.

Vice-Chair:    Mike C.

Recording Secretary:   Megan W.

Corresponding Secretary:   Deborah S.

Treasurer:   Anne B.

Current Committee Chairs

Public Information/Professional Outreach:    Mike C. & Jory P.

Temporary Sponsor Bank:  Jeanette F.

Webmaster: Ellen S. / Anne B.

Newsletter:   Chelsea F.

12th Step Within:

Service Coordinator: Carol G.

Workshops:  Sarah S. & Dawn


World Service Delegate:    Don C. & Mike C.

Region 6 Delegate:   Don C., Cynthia N.,  & Mike C.


Map of Intergroup Meeting Location:

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