Intergroup Recap – March 2014

Here’s a recap of the key takeaways to share at your meetings:

1) Our online Video Testimonial section has launched and it’s fantastic. Visit  and watch the few that have been posted so far. Encourage others to do the same- the more views we get, the higher our rankings will go which will make us more visible to those who need us.  We also need your submission to add to the collection. It’s completely anonymous and we have several volunteers to film you. Contact us at

2) WUIG is expanding their wildly successful sponsor training program to a second monthly session to be held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month (beginning in April) at 6:30pm.  Location is the White Plains H.O.W. Meeting, The Presbyterian Church, 39 North Broadway, White Plains.  This is not exclusively focused on HOW sponsorship, or limited to those following the HOW program. We will continue to hold training the 2nd Monday of each month at 6:30pm at the Mount Kisco Beginner’s Meeting, United Methodist Church, 300 E Main Street, Mount Kisco. For more info on either of these contact Mike C. at 914-760-3442 or We need new sponsors! We also need volunteers to lead these sponsor training workshops. We’ll show you how. Just let us know if you’re interested. Flyer’s attached.

3) The Public Outreach committee is chockfull of fresh ideas to expand awareness of our program and recruit new members. They need help executing their ideas. If you can spare some time please contact Mary T. at

4) Workshops! Next up is Plan of Eating: Your Roadmap to a Healthy Body. Sunday, 3/30 from 2-5pm at the YWCA at 515 North Avenue in White Plains. Flyer with all 2014 workshops is attached.
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